If you received a DWS ticket, it is important to realize that this charge is not a typical traffic violation, and is actually a criminal offense. In Illinois this charge is known as a DWLS.

Missouri: A Driving While Suspended is usually issued in conjunction with other violations, and, if you are convicted, will add 12 points on your driving record. Considering that your driver’s license is typically suspended after only 8 points during an 18 month period, a DWS is a big deal. It will also be listed permanently on your driving record, and result in an automatic revocation of your driver’s license for a period of one year.

In attempting to amend your DWS to a lesser charge we must first know exactly why your license was suspended in the first place. This is because most courts refuse to amend a DWS to a lesser charge unless your driver’s license is first reinstated. There are several reasons you might have a suspended driver’s license: accumulation of 8 or more points during an 18 month period, a DWI related conviction, failure to appear (FTA) on your court date, falling behind on your child support payments, or having an accident without insurance are just the most common examples.

If you don’t know the details of driver’s license suspension you can call the DOR at 573.751.4475.

After you have determined why you have a suspended driver’s license you can give us a call, and we will provide you with more information.

Illinois: A DWLS is a misdemeanor, and just like in Missouri, before the charge can be amended we must first know exactly why your license was suspended. In Illinois you must contact the Secretary of State and obtain a “Court Purposes Abstract” which will tell you why your license was suspended. Typical reasons include:

  • Failure to Appear in Court
  • Too many speeding tickets/parking tickets
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • Auto Emission Testing Failures
  • DUI/Statutory Summary Suspension
  • Failing to Pay Child Support

Once you have determined why your driver’s license was suspended give us a call at 314.499.4040. For more traffic law information, check out our faq section here.