Whether you should hire an attorney depends on several things. A ticket will potentially have an impact on both your insurance rates and your driver’s license. Most states apply a type of point system that increases points on your driving record with every violation you receive. After a certain amount of points have accumulated on your record, your driver’s license is suspended. Both Illinois and Missouri follow a type of point system, but the rules are slightly different:

Illinois Residents: Most traffic tickets will stay on your record for 4-5 years, but the points you receive only accumulate over a 12 month period. This means that your insurance company will be aware of the violations even if the points themselves are no longer there. Typically the remedy in Illinois is to obtain court supervision to avoid having the ticket on your record. In some cases however, supervision may not be available, or the fine for your violation may be significantly higher, such as violations in construction zones. In these situations it might be to your advantage to hire an attorney to look at your case.

Missouri Residents: The points from traffic violations typically reset after 18 months, but the violation itself will stay on your record for at least 3 years. This means that even if you get the points against your record reset, your insurance company can access the moving violation and raise your rates accordingly. Therefore it might be to your advantage to hire an attorney, even for a regular speeding ticket, in order to keep points your points low and your record clean.

Because points often stay on a person’s record longer in Missouri than in Illinois, in Missouri we complete an entry of appearance for you and discuss the options with the prosecutor. Typically we attempt to get the ticket “amended” to a lesser charge, such as a parking ticket, which will be a non-moving/no-point violation so your license will not be affected and your insurance rates will not go up.

In Illinois we will try our best to negotiate with the prosecutor to get you supervision.

No. Unless you have a DWI/DUI or other serious charge, we can handle quotes and payments for traffic services right over the phone.

Yes. In both Missouri and Illinois. How many points is required depends on the state. Each state follows a different value system for their points.

When a Missouri citizen receives a ticket in Illinois, the information is transferred to the Missouri DMV and the corresponding Missouri points are assessed on that person’s record. Vice versa for Illinois residents.

If you don’t want to pay anything for the fine, and you don’t want to get the ticket “amended” or accept supervision, it is possible to set the violation for trial. We can do this for you, but taking a small violation to trial is still a time consuming and expensive process. Depending on the violation, trial fees will start at $400.

At Traffic Law Solutions we have experience dealing with hundreds of municipal and district circuit courts, and we will strive to get you a great result. Our goal is twofold: to offer you the best legal service possible at the most affordable price.

In Missouri you can call the Driver’s License Bureau at 573.751.4475
In Illinois you can call the Secretary of State at 800.252.8980

To get a competitive quote for your traffic issue you can contact us three ways:

1. Take a good picture of the ticket with your smartphone and put your phone number in the subject line. Then email it to: quote@trafficlawsolutions.net

2. Fill out the Quote Form located in the Contact section of this website and click “Submit”

3. Just call us! 314.499.4040

For your convenience we have included a St. Louis traffic court directory here on our site.

When you hire us to take care of your traffic issue we will enter with the court (let the court know that we are representing you) and then we will begin the negotiation process. Every court in Missouri is unique in how they choose to respond. Some prosecutors will respond to us right away, and others will wait until after your court date to respond. When we do finish negotiating your traffic issue, we will send you a final letter (typically sent to your address unless you request differently) which indicates the final steps and payment instructions required to resolve your ticket. But if you would like to call personally to check the status of your case feel free to do so.

Typically not. With the exception of some minors (charges for non-adults), felonies, or more serious charges, an attorney will handle all court appearances for you. Common charges like speeding tickets will not require a court appearance by you. If you do need to make an appearance, we will likely inform you when you initially hire us.

Not usually. But sometimes if you have provided us with inaccurate or incomplete information which we have used to estimate a quote for you our fees will increase in order to handle your case effectively. For example, failing to inform us that you have an active warrant or additional traffic tickets will cause us to spend more time on your case and consequently charge you increased fees. This is why it is best to have your information (tickets, letters from the DOR, etc.) readily accessible when you first give us a call.

Most clients are surprised to find out that every single court in Missouri and Illinois is different with regard to setting court costs and fines. An attorney usually has no ability or authority to adjust these fines and costs. Factors used to determine how much fines will be include: your driving record, past offenses, type of offense charged, and how fast you were driving. The typical amount that you will have to pay usually ranges from $150-$250 depending on the court.

Yes! 48 out of 50 states subscribe to what is known as The Driver’s License Compact. This means that if you receive a traffic ticket in another state, that state will send the information to your home state. Your home state will then apply a corresponding penalty as if you actually received the violation there.

SIS (Suspended Imposition of Sentence) is a sentencing alternative in the state of Missouri. Sometimes prosecutors will not amend particular traffic tickets, and a plea of SIS is all they are willing to offer. Basically SIS is a type of probation, usually for a year, which requires you to agree to waive your right to trial and plead guilty to your traffic offense. As long as you do not receive any further criminal violations for the full probation period you will not receive a conviction on your record. If you do commit a criminal violation during the probationary period you may be required to appear at a probation revocation hearing, but this depends on the circumstances. SIS is generally a better outcome than accepting a straight conviction because this will add points to your driving record.