Almost everyone, at some point, gets a speeding or traffic ticket in their life. However, speeding tickets are not something to be taken lightly, since they can affect your license and raise your insurance rates. To know whether you need a St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer, first it depends on where you received the ticket.


In Missouri, we will contact the prosecutor and work to get the traffic ticket amended to a non-moving violation to keep points off your driving record and keep your car insurance fees from rising. In exchange for amending the ticket the court fine will generally be raised. Our fee for this starts at only $45- which is one of the most competitive rates in St. Louis. However, the price will increase based on your circumstances.


In Illinois, we will evaluate where you received the speeding ticket, and whether we can get supervision to keep the ticket off of your record. If we are successful in obtaining court supervision, and you acquire no further tickets during the supervision period, the ticket will be dismissed. If we are unable to obtain supervision, we may be able to amend the ticket as well.

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