In Missouri, if you fail to pay your traffic fines on time the court may charge you with what is called a “Failure to Appear” (FTA), issue a warrant for your arrest, or possibly both. Sometimes, but not always, an FTA will also be accompanied by a warrant for your arrest. However, most courts will not issue a warrant for your arrest until after you have missed your second court date. But since every court has different rules, it’s prudent for you to assume that a warrant will be issued for failing to appear on your court date.

If you have missed one or more court dates, and you are not sure if there is a warrant out for your arrest, we can conduct a warrant check for you.

If you know that there has been a warrant issued for your arrest as a result of failing to appear on your court date, we can often work with the court to get the warrant recalled. In addition to paying an attorney fee, some courts will also require you to pay the bond before they will recall the warrant.

It is important to get an arrest warrant recalled because in Missouri courts can suspend your driver’s license if your warrant is reported to the DOR. If the court reports the warrant or FTA to the DOR, and your license is suspended as a result, there will be additional court fees, including a $20 reinstatement fee for your license. Our price for recalling a warrant starts at $150. But remember that additional fees may apply.

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